Company Tasoulas Peppers Ltd highlights the wealth of the land of Thessaly in Greece and the special quality of the Greek products. Having as a primary goal the exploitation of the rural edge and as a unique asset the 15-year old experience of the owner, the company launched its first steps in the field of pickles and especially on pickled peppers, in July of 2006, as a small family business.

Soon, however, the resonance of the Greek pepper abroad, along with the persistence of the company to ensure the best possible quality for its products, offered significant development, turning Tasoulas Peppers Ltd into a clearly export company of high standards.

Therefore, the annual production of the company has reached the considerable amount of 2.000 tones of peppers, from which more than 90% ends up in the European market (Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden).

The company has also toned up financially the region by employing 50 workers in the 22 acres of its premises, and more than 750 people working during the harvest of the peppers. There are dozens of farmers who work exclusively, with long-term cooperation, with Tasoulas Peppers Ltd and farm more than 850 acres of land, all with high quality peppers.

The introduction of new varieties of peppers and the export of local Greek products in foreign markets are the key for the development of Tasoulas Peppers ltd. Above all, the main objective of the company is the continuous improvement of customer service and therefore of the consumer as well.

The company Tasoulas Peppers Ltd applies food safety management system ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP to secure the quality of its products.

The products are allocated according to the requirements of the customers.